When we embarked on creating individually handcrafted jewellery, we made the commitment to design, create and make all of our jewellery in-house. The first step was to design symbols that held meanings in a way that hadn't been done before. Did we manage to create some truly unique pieces of jewellery ? Have a read below about how we got to where we are and we'll let you judge for yourselves.


The Love symbol was the forefather of the series of symbols designed at Alex&er. Through studying symbology in Japan and China, Alex & Alex realised that symbology is much more literal in the Oriental countries compared with the abstract approach of the West. In the West, Love is represented as a heart but doesn't pay any literal meaning to the word. Our design mission was to create a symbol that paid direct relevance to Love.

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"The Space within represents your loved ones in your heart.


The Gap signifies new relationships and challenges that you should always remain open minded to".

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With all of our symbols, we offer the meaning behind each piece as we see them however it is down to the beholder how they wish to view its fortune. The Courage symbol is the perfect example for this point. You may see the courage symbol as something that represents your courageous attitude towards life.. or it may be there as a motivator to act courageously, more often.

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In modern culture the symbol of happiness has been displayed through messaging and social media initially by :) and in more recent years though, the use of the ever growing emoji keyboard. The minimalistic and simplistic appearance of the happiness symbol has proved to be a great addition to the range as it has offered a landscape symbol as opposed to the others which are all portrait.

Happiness Pendant, Happiness Jewellery, Alex&er Jewellery,

"A permanent smile".

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"Take the leap of faith that could potentially change your direction in life".