This charitable hub is a link page in which the charitable donations sourced by Alex&er Jewellery is received and distributed between its designated charities. 


Each Symbol designed by Alex&er Jewellery has been assigned an appropriate charity which has a direct link to its meaning. 









Posi+ivi+y works in conjunction with the sales of alex&er products through a 5% revenue donation from each individual piece sold online. Each symbol effectively represents its own charity that links in with the meaning it holds. An example of this would be ‘Courage’ offering 5% of its sales revenue to a charity that holds couragous acts or to those where courageous values play a big part within that charity. Help for Heroes is our first chosen charity in which this symbol offers its support to.


The aim of this collaboration is to take a step beyond the metaphorical meanings of love, happiness & courage, and to actually help instil this into societies less fortunate.

Make a change.