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We are introducing our cleaning service so that you have the opportunity to revive your piece of Alex&er back to its 'fresh out of the box' feel and appearance. We charge a fee of £20 (this includes return postage) and you must pay online and register your piece before posting it to us to ensure that it doesn't get lost. Please allow up to two weeks for us to complete the service. The service includes a re-polishing of the pendant and tag, the chain will be re-oxidised if it was originally black or brought back to full shine if it was a silver chain. Leather pieces can have their leather replaced for an extra fee.

*If your piece has been broken and requires repairing then simply email us on our contact page as we will deal with this on a case by case basis.

Silver and Gold are relatively soft metals so therefore scratching is inevitable and in the case of sterling silver, in order to strengthen its compound it is mixed to create an alloy, in time this alloy can tarnish when in contact with oxygen and can be sped up when in contact with other compounds and oils. This is just the nature of the beast.