Alex & Alex set out to approach the jewellery market at an entirely different angle, designing a range of jewellery with meaning behind each piece. Having established that there was very little to differentiate between many high street jewellery brands, their sole aim was to do just that; to differentiate themselves. With an understanding that a great deal of jewellery is worn due to the significant value held by a particular piece such as a wedding or signet ring. Alex and Alex wanted to create jewellery that is designed under the influence of the meaning or understanding of a particular word. 


“It was during a brainstorming session that we realised the symbol for love pays no relevance to the meaning of the word, we set to work on creating a symbol that would. We then began tackling other emotions that followed this same concept.” They spent a year fine tuning the designs, prototypes and materials in order to achieve the highest quality of jewellery. 

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In the imaginative minds of Alex&er, a very simple concept was introduced to the world of design. To fashion new symbols that would actually embody the meaning of a particular word. Our first range, Alex&er Original©, consisted of one’s feelings, meaning for example you can buy a piece of Happiness© and wear a smile around your wrist. Each symbol has been meticulously designed and then sculpted into silver jewellery by a highly acclaimed silversmith with it finally being hand finished to the finest standard. 


What three words would you use to describe your brand?

Expressive, Sophisticated and British, sum up the aspirations of the Alex&er brand. Expressive because whatever piece of Alex&er you choose to wear, it will never go unnoticed and will regularly become a part of conversation.

Sophisticated as it receives attention for all the right reasons, from the stunning quality to the well rehearsed explanation of each piece. The final word, British, is an all encompassing adjective that is often used by British companies without realising the true depth of its meaning. When something is quintessentially British, it possesses a certain flair that cannot be recaptured until you have been enwreathed in its culture, a culture that has evolved and somewhat matured over the last 500 years of modern history. We wish to show the world our little bit of Britishness. 

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We aim to take a step beyond the metaphorical meanings of our symbols and to actually help instil this into societies less fortunate. Each Symbol designed by Alex&er Jewellery has been assigned an appropriate charity which has a direct link to its meaning.


Our charitable donations works in conjunction with the sales of Alex&er products through a 5% revenue donation from each individual piece sold online. Each symbol effectively represents its own charity that links in with the meaning it holds. An example of this would be ‘Courage’ offering 5% of its sales revenue to a charity that holds courageous acts or to those where courageous values play a big part within that charity. Help for Heroes is our first chosen charity in which this symbol offers its support to.